Leisure Seekers is a group of like minded entrepreneurs who enable and assist with business owners to become healthy, enlightened millionaires.  Our programs have been custom built to a standard framework that once mastered can be used for all business acquisition across franchising, corporate, not for profit or small business. Each coach has been handpicked for life experience and offer practical steps to gain the thinking of a healthy, enlightened millionaire. We are about family.  Leisure Seekers is proud to offer programs to ensure couples are nurtured and supported through the growth phase of positive change.  For singles, we offer the opportunity to meet like minded entrepreneurs and have proudly and actively paired couples. Franchisors are supported with a complete framework and strategy to franchisees engaged and supported. At Leisure Seekers we like to have fun, join us on a drive day or a lifestyle trip and be part of a community of contribution with our network of caring projects. Join us at our next workshop for just $55.  Call 0412 651 206 now.

Meet Our Team of Experienced Coaches

Kate Osborne

Kate leads the Leisure Seekers team with over 12 years of coaching, speaking and training experience.  Working with large groups and individuals, Kate knows how to get results.

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