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Kate Osborne is the heart of Leisure Seekers. Twenty years ago, armed with a suitcase of memories and experiences from travelling, learning at the feet of successful entrepreneurs, running two highly successful Flight Centres and being named one of the top coaches in Australia, she knew she wanted to add a different flavour to coaching. Leisure Seekers was born with its mission develop successful leaders whose businesses support their lifestyle. the owners.

Before you decide if Leisure Seekers is the right coach for you, you should know a little about it’s founder, her background and how she (has) and is going to make a difference in this world.

Studying a double major at the University of Queensland, Kate deferred her honours to travel overseas.  With 52 countries visited, Kate’s experiences whilst travelling only feed her passion for people.

Mentored by Swiss millionaire Fred Zollinger, Kate cared form Mr Z until he died. Her time with him was profound; he taught her many lessons about business and life in general. Most importantly for her, that being rich was not the ultimate outcome of a life well lived.  Mr Z encouraged Kate to learn the art of thinking and mastering business models with both morals and ethics. With these lessons under her belt, Kate ventured into many businesses.

As a shareholder of two successful Flight Centres – Elizabeth St and Queen St, Brisbane – Kate had a $7million turnover at age 27, with 73 combinations of team in just five years.  Here Kate learnt that cashflow is key to success and the power of growth is underpinned by the right team and thinking. Kate’s walls are adorned with the many awards and plaques won at Flight Centre, for her skill, expertise and business nous.

Poached by the world’s #1 business coaching franchise, Kate became a female role model amongst 1030 coaches across the world as the first female platinum coach and global trainer.  With 11 franchises and 90 clients, Kate’s success in the industry set her up to build, grow and franchise her own company.

Now at the helm of Leisure Seekers, Kate collaborates with many confident, hard working, ambition and teachable leaders who desire to be interdependent to serve and their journeys a success.

Who is Leisure Seekers?

My accountant called to say we required another TRUST to distribute profit into ASAP – my husband and I were driving behind a Winnebago with ‘leisure seeker’ as the model.

A Leisure Seeker is someone who has the lifestyle to travel, relax, laugh with friends, connect with family, lives true to their values and understands that all we need to learn is already in nature.

A Leisure Seeker is a natural collaborator who desires to DO LIFE with others who celebrate them and lives life to the full.

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