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Join us at BforB Accelerate to learn the tools to Accelerate your business.

When it comes to networking, there is so much talk about ‘Being in business for yourself but not by yourself.’

But what does that really mean? When the name of the game is to make a profit and the catch cry is ‘it’s just business’, is there room to collaborate and connect with other businesses for the betterment of both?  Kate Osborne and Julie Bannister think so.

Kate and Julie are packing their substantial business bags and heading to Adelaide, Brisbane and the Gold Coast as part of the BforB Road Show to share with you tools to accelerate your business.

Julie Bannister, the owner of BforB, has been part of the business networking scene for 10 years. Through Key Business Network and now BforB, Julie has provided a platform that has enabled hundreds of business to learn key business skills and create an incredible tapestry of connections across arrange of industries

‘Being part of the Key Business Network family has been one of the best business decisions I have made. KBN is more than a networking group to me, it is a network of professionals that we have been able to build strong relationships and friendships with, this has led to quality referrals to and from us, but most importantly, it has created a network of people I can help my clients tap into, and this in turn adds value to my relationship with my clients.

On top of this, the professional development every week is priceless, quality speakers and presentations have helped grow my business into the strong entity it is today. I am very blessed to be part of the KBN family and incredibly grateful to Julie Bannister for building these groups.’ By Grant Mason from Aweso Insurance

Then there is Kate Osborne. With decades of coaching experience, Kate has worked with big names in business and business destined to become big names. Over the past few years, as she has looked round at the changing face of business, of the hustle and bustle, and flurry of constant demands on the time of the business owner, she knows something has to change.

Through her coaching business, Leisure Seekers, she is seeing marriages fail, people succumbing to ill health and debt spiralling out of control. Kate is seeing business taking over lives and people burning out all in the pursuit of success.

But how do you get off this merry-go-round? How do you find this balance people speak off?

Kate believes we have to stop focusing on the role. And focus more on the soul. As humans, we are more than just our business. If things are not right at home, or our health is suffering, or we hate what we are doing, what is the point in having a successful business?

In the ACCELERATE session, Kate is going to take you a journey to explore how you are turning up; not just in business but life. She will help you explore how you are looking at what you are doing and give you tools to change that viewpoint, making business and life more enjoyable. A big part of Kate’s work is helping businesses learn how to collaborate, so growth and success is balanced with support from our peers. Affectionately known as CollaborKate, Kate has designed a unique approach to collaborating that is a game changer.   This will be the topic of the morning session.

Then in the afternoon, Kate will take us through an advanced goal setting session like you have never experienced. Kate’s approach to goal setting is holistic and fun. Her sense of fun and years of experience have culminated in a process that not only sets realistic goals but turns you into the ultimate problem solver.


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